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Welcome to St. Saviour's Parish Community

This website contains a great deal of information about the life of our parish. We offer it for at least two reasons. First, if you have heard about St. Saviour’s and are curious about us and considering worshipping with us, we hope that what you find here will encourage you to join us on a Sunday or on a weekday. Second, for the many friends who have worshipped here in the past and now live and work in other places, we hope you will enjoy keeping in touch with the life of the parish.

St. Saviour’s is a place of great beauty: in its worship, with ritual and music and in its architecture. As a parish for many years we have proudly continued a tradition of recognizing and celebrating the Catholic witness both in Afrikaans and English in Oudtshoorn. Through the decades St. Saviour’s has also been a place where people from many backgrounds and perspectives have found their lives enhanced by knowing one another.

The casual visitor to St. Saviour's is left in no doubt as to what is central in this house of God. It is the worship of God. The spire points its finger to heaven, its raison d'etre is that God is praised. But here, too, over the years, the sorrowful have found solace, and the sinner found peace and new life, and the enquirer, faith.

We pray that God will bless you in your visit to our website, and that the Holy Angels will surround you as you go on your way.

Fr. Enrico Valentino Parry: Administrator

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